National Atomic Testing Museum

Mid-century popular culture

Nuclear testing near Las Vegas drew thousands of curiosity seekers to the city in the 1950s and early 60s. The Atomic Age was big business and Las Vegas cashed in with Atomic themed drinks, beauty pageants and flashy marquee signs.

Who knew the Atomic bomb could be so much fun?

The National Atomic Testing Museum takes a different approach and offers a (mostly) sobering look at the history, development and testing of mankind’s most significant invention through galleries & exhibits of displays and artifacts – some of which are both thought provoking and  humorous.

From fall-out shelters and radiation to underground testing and “duck and cover,” this museum is a must-see if you’re a, you know… human being. 😉

They also offer free monthly tours to the former Nevada Test Site, an hour or so northwest of Vegas. Call ahead for details as the monthly tours can sell out well in advance.

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