KeninMauiKen MacIntyre is a contributing writer at Atomic-Ranch.com as well as the author of Coco Cabana: Designed for Gracious Living and the acclaimed travel book Reel Vancouver: An Insider’s Guide to Hollywood North, which,  in 2012,  was  recommended by Lonely Planet as the “definitive guide to screen culture in the city.”

With Modtraveler.net, Ken combines his love of mid-century modern architecture and 1950s-60s popular culture with travel, and shares over 30 years of experience about his favorite destinations including Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Hawaii and his home town, Vancouver.

Modtraveler.net  lists over 500 unique locations but is still a work in progress, it will never be finished so long as there are exciting discoveries from the post-war era to share with modernism enthusiasts around the globe. From International Style to Googie, Brutalism, Kitsch, New Formalism, Tiki Culture, Atomic Age, Car Culture, Polynesian Pop, Diner Culture, Vintage Neon, Desert Modernism, Tropical Modernism, West Coast Modernism and everything in between (did we miss anything!?), this ever-evolving site is your primer for modernist travel & shopping fun in these four exciting locales, and more.

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