Sears Building

Mid-century modern buildings

Designed by Charles Luckman & Associates, the Sears building at the north end of the Boulevard Mall is the last vestige of the original late 1960s single-storey shopping center developed by Las Vegas businessmen Merv Adelson and Irwin Molasky (Paradise Palms).

Its classic folded roofline and graceful linear awning look like they were dropped at the corner of E. Desert Inn Rd. & S. Maryland Pkwy straight out of 1968, forgotten by the rest of the sprawling mid-century complex, which underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and cartoon-like faux art deco facelift (art deco?) in 2015.

There’s no saying how much longer this original section of the mall will last, so check it out while you have the chance.

Oh, and if you’re around on April 29, 2066, come back to see the 100 year old time capsule that’s buried on site get unearthed, “time will tell the story.” 


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