Atomic Liquors

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Located just a few blocks east of the Fremont East Entertainment District, downtown, Atomic Liquors is the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas, dating back to the end of the Second World War when it opened as Virginia’s Café.

The 1950s cold war era brought nuclear bomb testing to the Nevada desert just outside the city, and with it, all things themed Atomic; beauty pageants, marquee signs and… cocktails!

With the popularity of the Atomic Age, Virginia’s Café soon became Atomic Liquors (in 1952), a watering hole renowned for their “Atomic Cocktails” and viewing area on the bar’s rooftop where locals would gather to watch the latest in mushroom cloud entertainment.

Today, after many years in decline, Atomic Liquors is riding the nostalgia wave and making a comeback thanks to a few local investors who restored and reopened the joint to brisk business in 2013.

Fun Fact: Barbra Streisand and members of the Rat Pack used to frequent Atomic Liquors back in the day. The bar also made cameo appearances in movies such as The Hangover and Casino.

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