West of Denman

Mid-century residential buildings

From streamline moderne to dingbats to high-rises (including the Ocean Towers) and everything in between, the seventeen square block area “West of Denman” – bordered by Stanley Park, Beach Avenue, Georgia Street and Denman Street – has arguably the largest concentration of mid-century residential buildings in all of Vancouver, and for good reason…

Prior to the Second World War, Vancouver’s West End was awash with mansions and row houses built at the turn of the century, but as the population grew in the post war boom years so did the demand for housing. The only option – being a peninsula, and all – was to build up.

Land next to Stanley Park was highly sought after back in the 1950s and 60s (and still is!) so naturally it was redeveloped first. Thus, the high concentration of modernist construction West of Denman.

Although situated close to the city’s busy downtown core, this residential area makes for a peaceful, relaxing stroll, and with building names like Ocean Villas, Ocean Plaza and Ocean Apartments, you’ll also never forget that these mid-century structures are mere steps away from the… you guessed it. Ocean. 😉

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