Professional Center & King Center

Mid-century modern buildings

Currently known as the Kaheka Professional Center, this modernist mid rise office building at the corner of S. King and Kaheka streets was designed by architect Ernie Hara in 1956 and was Honolulu’s very first curtain wall  structure.

Hara breaks up the glass and aluminum facade, though – typical of the International Style – by incorporating sleek, horizontal stepped awnings; practical for the tropics and very stylish!

If you’re a fan of breeze blocks, check out the structure directly behind the Professional Center on Kaheka, you won’t be disappointed.

… and just down the street at 1451 S. King Street is the King Center designed by Takashi Anbe (and occupied by Bank of Hawaii since opening in 1960) which features a Googie-style portico and metal screened facade, very groovy!

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